My mom was into healthy eating before it was an in thing. When I was a kid, my mom would make chocolate chip cookies with wheat germ and nuts – something I was not very fond of! Although she doesn’t make her cookies with wheat germ anymore, she still says you should bake with ingredients that you have in your kitchen.

As an adult, I remembered my mom saying this when I purchased store-made toffee and couldn’t pronounce, let alone buy, some of the ingredients listed on the package. I followed her advice and after a few successes and many disasters, I crafted the recipe that made my mom exclaim that I should sell it. Of course, I thought she was kidding and as any child does, I did not take her seriously. Yet, as a good mom also does, she constantly repeated herself until it became a reality.

Every time you taste one of Sweet Dee’s treats, you can be assured that it was made with natural ingredients you can only find in your kitchen, like butter, not margarine, vanilla, not vanillin, olive oil, not vegetable oil. If the ingredients contain preservatives, like evaporated milk contains dipotassium phosphate, I figure out how to make it or I won’t use the recipe. Sweet Dee’s Candy is dedicated to my mom for instilling me with her knowledge and her unwavering love and support.

Our Candy

Cinnamon Pecans

Various Toffees

Spiced Walnuts

Peanut Butter Cups

Ganache Wafers

Honey-Chipolte Peanuts

Cayenne Toffee


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Saturdays Woodstock Farmer’s Market Woodstock Square, Woodstock, IL
Sundays Cary Farmer’s Market 100 W Main St, Cary, IL 60013